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We Can Haul Almost Anything

Trust our team for farm equipment hauling services in Laurel, MS

Mike Walters Specialty Services, LLC has all the heavy machinery required to provide reliable farm equipment hauling services. Residents of the Laurel, MS area come to us when they need to have heavy machinery or materials moved. Unlike some other companies, we have almost no limitations on the size of objects we can move.

If you need gravel hauling services for a landscaping project, we'd be glad to help you out. Call today to set up an appointment.

If you can get it on our truck, we can haul it for you

If you can get it on our truck, we can haul it for you

We can haul absolutely everything that can fit on our trucks. This makes us a great choice for:

Farm equipment hauling
Construction equipment hauling
Gravel hauling
Sand hauling
Mulch hauling

You might be surprised by just how convenient gravel hauling services can be. Schedule an appointment today for a hassle-free customer experience.